Signs That It’s Time For A Professional Style Makeover: Part 2

Sign #2 You are Wearing the Same Outfit

How often do you sift through your closet looking for something to wear, only to end up going with the same old outfit you always choose? If the answer to this question is often or always, then it is time for a professional style makeover.

Those who are stuck in a style rut may also find themselves gravitating to the same types of clothing when they do go shopping and try to update their look. Personally, I go right for the sales racks and starting looking for jackets. This was a habit I didn't really notice until I had my essence color typing done.

Experiencing this moment of self-discovery was enough to help me rethink my wardrobe. Armed with this information and my color fan, I can now make the most of every shopping trip and my wardrobe is much more diverse while still communicating a clear sense of personal style.

For me, one of the keys to curbing my jacket habit was to take a moment to think about how many outfits I could wear a jacket with. If it didn't fit my color fan, then I knew that I wouldn't get much use out of it.

Now, I think of my jackets as a way to provide "pop" and complete an outfit.

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