Signs That It’s Time For A Professional Style Makeover: Part 3

Sign #3: Your Clothes Are Stuck in Another Decade
Would your closet be the perfect place to look for clothes for a "decades" costume party? If so, you are likely in need of a serious style makeover.
Yes, it is true that trends tend to come back around again, but they still need a modern update to truly stay with the times. If your clothes are screaming "costume" rather than "fashion," it's time to make some changes.
Now, we're not saying that retro style can't be fashionable; actually here are a few fun tips from a professional style consultant to help you rock past looks while still staying firmly planted in the present:
             Choose pieces that fit properly. Mom jeans may have been cool in the 90’s, and the high-wasted trend is definitely back in style, but the key difference is that modern versions are more slim-fitting and figure-flattering. If it looks like you could fit a diaper under your jeans, it's time to toss them in favor of some better-fitting options.    

             Keep your accessories simple. Excessive accessories may have been big in the 80s, but these days, it's all about simplicity when it comes to your accessories. By all means, enjoy that off-the-shoulder look, but keep your earrings small and delicate to avoid looking too Flashdance.            

             Enlist the help of a style consultant. Above and beyond your fashionable friends, consider calling us for a complimentary discovery session which would  be of great help when it comes to making over your wardrobe. Reach out!

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