How Color Typing Has Evolved Over The Years: Part 1

You’ve heard of color typing, right? It was an idea in the fashion industry that was all about dividing people into four color categories, designated by the names of the seasons. If you were a "summer," style consultants told you to wear lighter shades at the cool end of the spectrum, or if you were a "fall" color type, you were told to wear darker, warmer hues, for example. Well, this was a good start, but it didn't take into account the whole picture. 

These days, color typing has evolved to evaluate a person's "true colors," so to speak. Fashion consultants know that there are far more than four types of people in the world, and you do too, right? You’re unique, and your style consultant should know that. 

Today, style consultants take a lot of different things into consideration when they help you find your color type. Your personal fashion consultant will consider skin tone, personality, hair color, eye color, age, and more. An image consultant will take into account all facets of your appearance and lifestyle to develop a color palette for your wardrobe that is truly unique to you.  

Why do this, you ask? When you wear colors that are truly meant for you, it is amazing the boost in confidence you'll feel. This way, when you walk out your front door, you won’t be thinking about your clothes, you’ll be thinking about how good you look. Choosing the right pieces will become almost effortless, and you’ll know that your wardrobe will let you put together just the look you want.  

Don't spend another season wearing the wrong colors. Get in touch with a style consultant at Uneek Styles to discover your style “essence” which helps you discover your color type based on your personality type, age and season of life, so you can start dressing your best today! Join us on Facebook to see our offerings or call (707) 345-1010 today!