How Color Typing Has Evolved Over The Years: Part 2

In continuing our series on the evolution of color typing, today we are going to talk about the undertones of color. This is an important consideration in choosing the appropriate colors for your wardrobe, because the undertone of a color is what determines how it will look against your unique skin tone. It's amazing the difference a style makeover with the right colors and undertones can make in your appearance and confidence.  
Color undertones run along a spectrum from very warm to very cool with mid-warm to mid-cool in between. It is virtually impossible to have a color that is perfectly neutral; it will always fall just slightly to one side of the scale or the other. In warmer hues, you will find increased undertones of yellow, while cooler tones will feature more blue undertones. A professional style consultant can help you to identify colors with the right undertones for your particular skin.
As we age, our skin tends to lean more towards the middle of the spectrum. If you had warm skin when you were younger, you'll still be on the warm side as you age, only less so. A style consultant can help you narrow down the perfect colors for your wardrobe as your skin tone changes. You'll often find that your style makeover will feature similar colors to what you have always worn, only slightly softer in shade and with a bit more gray in them. Here at Uneek Styles, we can help find your perfect shade.  Call us for a free Discovery Session or come see us on Facebook!